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This service is intended for ZASPY Software clients using any of our products requiring online payments.  This service includes both a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway.

The Merchant Account will be issued by BankTech Corporation and the Payment Gateway by  The Merchant Acount its necessary to collects payments from your customer's bank and deposits the funds into your business checking or savings account.

The Payment Gateway is needed to process the payments over the Internet either using credit cards or electronic checks. ZASPY Software is an authorized reseller from both services.

  • Setup fee: $100
  • Monthly gateway: $25
  • Per transaction: to be detarmined by your sales volume
  • Features included with you plan
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Customer Information Manager
    • Recurring Payments
    • Invoicing
    • Simple Checkout

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ZASPY CHAMALEON it's a Cloud-Based adaptable and enhanced Billing CRM.  It's adaptable because you can change the name of the project management related modules, menus and reports to conform to the industry or field your company does business with.  Legal firms or attorneys don't deal with Projects, they manage Cases, marketing and public relations companies work with Jobs and Programming, Engineering or Consulting firms deals with Projects.  ZASPY CHAMALEON is suitable for any company because it adapts to the common language of your industry.


  •  Manage individual contracts per project
  •  Limit the amount of hours an employee can work
  •  Establish total hours cap per project
  •  Bill your Time, Inventory, Expenses and Milliage
  •  Track Serial Numbers of products
  •  Monitor and supervise tasks assigned to employees
  •  Your Clients can submit Tickets using integrated Help Desk
  •  Help Desk also allows the monitor of Tasks and Invoices
  •  Prospects Manager
  •  Inventory Control
  •  Provisioning






 • Content Management
 • Interactive Menus
 • Advertising
 • News/Articles
 • Photo Gallery
 • Document Management

 • Events Management
 • Flexible Billing Options
 • Barcode/QR Code 
 • Quorum Calculator
 • Convention Manager
 • Ticket Generator

 • Continuos Education
 • Offline/Online Courses
 • SCORM Compatible
 • MPeg4 Compatible
 • Multiple Credit Types
 • Paperless Registration

 • Members Database
 • Biometric Ready
 • Automatic Quota Billing
 • Manual Billing
 • Online Payments
 • Mass Mailing with Tracking





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