ZASPY CHAMALEON it's a Cloud-Based adaptable and enhanced Billing CRM.  It's adaptable because you can change the name of the project management related modules, menus and reports to conform to the industry or field your company does business with.  For example, legal firms or attorneys don't deal with Projects, they manage Cases, marketing and public relations companies work with Jobs and Programming, Engineering or Consulting firms deals with Projects.  ZASPY CHAMALEON is suitable for any company because it adapts to the common language of your industry.

CHAMALEON it's an enhanced CRM because it comes loaded with several modules and features not found in other CRM solutions.  From Prospects, Project Management, Inventory Control, full-featured Billing, Tasks Management and Provisioning to mention a few, CHAMALEON will help run your business completely from the cloud.  The following are some of the most relevant features of CHAMALEON:

Multi-User, Multi-Company
CHAMALEON is suitable for a single professional, small companies or large corporations with hundreds of users.  The program License start @ $15 per user and discounts are available for volume licensing.  There is no cost per module so a single $15 license have unlimited access to all modules and features of CHAMALEON.  Our product also features Multi-Company, allowing you to manage multiple companies simultaneously but with separate project management and billing.  Each company bills with its own logo and separate invoice sequence.
Customer Management

Our Customer module has plenty of fields to save information about your clients, it also allows you to create custom fields if the ones you need doesn't exist.  The Contacts module features an Identification manager capable of storing all information related to the identity of your contacts including an image of the ID.  From the Customer module, you can manage Calendar Events, create Customers Divisions, create Projects/Cases or Jobs and overview the billing transactions of your clients.

Projects, Cases and Jobs Management

Manage multiple projects, cases or jobs per customers, each with separate contracts terms.  You can have the same user billing at different rates per project.  The Project/Cases/Jobs module allows you to bill time, inventory, expenses and mileage.  The Inventory module manages both Products and Services, which can be organized in departments and categories you create. Products definitions are intended for physical products.  When selling products, the Inventory module can warn you when the inventory for a specific item is low and it also has the ability to track serial numbers.  Services definitions are useful to define professional services like setup fees, installation or consulting services.  Both Products and Services can be sold or leased through projects, providing flexibility in your contracts.  Each Project, Case or Job can have a repository of documents that can be retrieved anytime anywhere from the Internet.

Contract Management

CHAMALEON offers powerful contract features for your Projects, Cases or Jobs.  With CHAMALEON you can establish contract terms for your services and have two options when the Contract End Date is reached; stop all billing to the project or continue billing after that date.  You can set the billing of monthly recurrent items in two different ways; items get billed monthly in the same day they were added, or you can bill all items on a specific day in the month.  When a specific billing date is set, the system calculates prorated values of all services added.  You also can set billing periods (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, etc. ) for you contracts, at the end of each period, the system generates an automatic invoice with all pending billing items included.  All Products and Services can have standard prices or rates, but you can override them when they are added to the projects, cases or jobs.

Tasks & Trouble Tickets
CHAMALEON handle both Tasks and Trouble Tickets.  Tasks are created internally by projects, cases or jobs coordinators to assign specific tasks to team members.  Trouble Tickets are generated by your clients through an online Help Desk Portal available for them.  The system provides a Trouble Tickets Setup module where you can define the type of common problems or inquiries your clients can create and assign the specific resource or resources that will be handling each specific problem type.

Assigned Tasks and Trouble Tickets are automatically routed and displayed in each team member home page, so there no need to notify them what Tasks they have assigned or which Tickets they need to take care off.  Tasks and Trouble Tickets can have an attachment if additional documentation or image is needed to support the complaint or the requirements.  Tasks from all projects, cases or jobs can be monitored through the Tasks and Trouble Tickets module which can display the status (
new, in progress, halted or completed) and the history of hours posted against them.
PO Management

If the budget of your projects, cases or jobs are limited through Purchase Orders (POs) from your Clients, CHAMALEON can help you control your services, inventory, and expenses to be always under those limits.  CHAMALEON allows you to assign multiple POs per project, case or job along with the specific lines included in the PO, so every time a billing item is added to the project, case, or job it can be indicated against which line of the purchase order that item is invoiced.  The system tracks each PO and provides the real-time balance of each of the lines included.

CHAMALEON have the ability to talk or communicate with external devices via several Protocols when specific Events are triggered by the services added to projects, cases or jobs.  Events can be set to occur when a service is added, deleted, updated or suspended to then call a specific protocol which can be XML, SSH, LDAP, EMAIL, SQL SCRIPT and communicate to a specific device where the address; URL or IP is known and reachable and perform a specific task.  Example: CHAMALEON can be used to bill Internet Service and the system can communicate with the subscriber device (router or modems) are change parameters in the device like enable the service, suspend the service, update speed, etc.




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