The Learning Management System (LMS) Platform from ZASPY Software is a web-enabled portal suitable for companies or educational institutions looking for a solution to fully manage the administration of both classroom and online courses.

Our LMS is available as a customizable standalone web portal for customers who needs only the ZASPY LMS features but it is also available to customers who acquired the ZASPY Software CLOVER Association Portal which comes with the LMS integrated within the portal.

The portal is divided in three main components:

A full-featured content controlled responsive web portal with the following integrated modules: news, course calendar, online registration, payment gateway, customizable pages, interactive menus/submenus, testimonials, photo gallery, links, documents, etc.

A password-controlled INTRANET to manage all administrative modules.

A password-controlled responsive client portal from where your customers can access their profile, course history, billing, and reports.



LMS Main Features



• Fully Responsive Web Portal

• Administration Portal

• Administration Tools

• Page Tools

• Integrated CRM

• Course Management

• Classroom

• Online

• Survey/Exams

• Billing

• Reports

• Clients Portal

• Profile Management

• Course History

• Billing

• Reports


Classroom Courses


• Course Management

• Title, Description, Objectives

• Multiple subjects classification

• GPS Localization

• Capacity Control

• Multiple Programs per Course

• Multiple Sessions per Course

• Multiple Credit Types per Session

• Early Bird Registration

• Coupons/Discounts

• Multiple Rates per User Classification

• Paperless Punch Table

• Barcode

• QR Code

• Biometrics


Online Courses


• Unlimited Registrations

• Course Evaluation Online

• Course Examination Online

• Compatible Media Files

• SCORM Files

• MPEG4/QuickTime Videos

• PDF Documents

• Presence Verification

• SCORM Compliant

• Random/Unique Keys for video courses

• Course Certification upon:

• Video completion only

• Video and Evaluation completion

• Video and Examination passed

• All of the above



Online Courses Media Compatibility


SCORM is a set of technical standards for eLearning products that provides the communication method and data models that allow eLearning content and LMS platforms to work together. With SCORM you can create online courses integrating, slide presentations, audio, video and, self-evaluating quizzes.



Any video in MPEG4 or QuickTime format can be used as a media for an online course.  We recommend the use of videos up to 2 hours long because they can be compressed to a suitable size to be streamed online and keep a high quality on the video.  If your videos are in a different format, we can convert them for you without cost.


PDF Documents

Only PDF documents are supported by our platform. We provided some sort of security to documents, your clients will have access to the PDF document in their browser only and the PDF cannot be copied or downloaded, but nothing can be done to prevent them to use a camera to take photos of the screen.



Presence Validation for Credit Certification


Federal regulations established that LMS solutions need to have the presence validation of registrants for credit certified courses.  The following explains how ZASPY Software LMS Online Platform provides presence validation for the different media sources supported:



For online courses using SCORM files, the standard itself provides all the mechanics to validate the presence of the registrant during the course.  SCORM saves all the interaction of the user with the course and saves everything in a database.  It saves the duration on each slide, buttons triggered, images clicked and which videos were played.  It also saves the answers to the question of quizzes.  SCORM also notifies the LMS when the user completed the courses or reaches the end.  In SCORM you can acknowledge the completion of the course when you reach the end or when the quiz passed the minimum score.




ZASPY Software developed its own methodology to provide presence validation when the online course is a video.  While the video is playing, the system will popup several KEYS that will last only 15 seconds each on-screen and they disappear automatically.  At the end of the video, a window will ask for all KEYS displayed during the course.  If the user fails to provide the KEYS, the system will not acknowledge the course as completed.

Our system creates unique KEYS to each registrant, so the KEYS cannot be shared between users.  Also, the scheduled time of the KEYS to appear on screen is also different for each user.  This methodology was evaluated and approved by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court Continuous Education Program to be used for online courses for lawyers.



Evaluations and Examinations

Our LMS Online Platform provides an additional feature for the certification of online courses using MPEG4 videos.  If during course creation, the course is enabled with an Evaluation and with an Exam, the credit certification can be acknowledged in any of the following scenarios:

• The course is completed (Correct keys submitted)

• Course completed and the Evaluation is submitted

• Course completed and the Examination passed with the minimum percentage

• All of the above




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